Jan 17, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Two UFOs Spotted at Space Station in Just Over a Week

The International Space Station has been seeing quite a bit of UFO activity since the beginning of 2015, with two recent sightings occurring eight days apart. At this pace, the person at NASA who keeps hitting the button to cut off the video feeds is going to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

The first sighting was made on January 6 by Toby Lundh, who captured screenshots of the UFO before the video feed was … you guessed it … cut off after about 15 seconds. He later went looking for the recording in the NASA archives and was unable to find it. It’s certainly one of the more unique UFOs seen on the ISS video feed. No other reports of it have surfaced and NASA has no comment on it.

Lundh ufo 570x325
UFO seen on ISS feed by Toby Lundh

While the news from the ISS this week centered on the suspected ammonia leak on the U.S. side on January 14 which forced the American astronauts to move to the Russian side, people watching a video during a report on CBS News saw an orb floating outside the station before disappearing behind it.

The ammonia leak proved to be a false alarm. The UFO? No one is saying anything. No other networks appeared to have broadcast the same video. There weren’t any reports of sightings from people watching the live feed. The orb could be space debris, although it’s near-perfect roundness suggests otherwise. Then there’s the fact that it occurred during an emergency. Coincidence or alien first responders?

This increase in UFO sightings near the ISS seems to have started last fall and includes one in October during a spacewalk. Perhaps aliens heard that opera singer Sarah Brightman will be making a trip to the station in October and are checking out good seats. One consistent theme in all the reports is that the NASA feed reliably cuts out shortly after the sightings.

These recent sightings have elicited strong responses from both sides. What do you think?

Paul Seaburn

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