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Loch Ness Distress Call Heard After Other Monster Spotted

You’d think people would have learned by now that the Loch Ness monster doesn’t like its name or reputation besmirched but recent events show that’s not the case. A sighting of an alleged giant sea creature off the coast of Devon, England, prompted some to speculate that Nessie had left the loch. A day later, a mysterious distress call was heard on Loch Ness. Were they related?

On Sunday, February 8th, reports came in of a large unidentified creature in the waters about half a mile offshore in Plymouth Sound, Devon. Multiple witnesses saw it and estimated the creature to be at least 20 feet long. It appeared to be swimming against the current. For a change, some of the witnesses had cameras and took a number of pretty clear photographs.

The unidentified creature near a piece of driftwood it appeared to be circling

The unidentified creature near a piece of driftwood it appeared to be circling

Allan Jones was one and gave this account of what he saw:

I had a telephoto lens and captured a number of images … The creature or object moved in circles, appeared to curve its shape and moved a considerable distance from left to right, turn and then move back the other way … The creature or object then turned and remained stationary. It was seen by a number of people. I was using a 400mm telephoto lens as it was a fair distance out to sea.

Those photographs ended up on the Internet and many thought it resembled a crocodile. Saltwater crocodiles can reach 22 feet in length but this is a long way from its natural habitat.

Nathan Dale, on-call for the Plymouth Lifeboat, picked up his binoculars and looked for himself.

But it was just pieces of driftwood.

Was it? On the following day, a mysterious distress call was heard in the Loch Ness area and crews from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) investigated. Since no location was given, they were unable to find a stranded vessel or who sent the signal.

A Royal National Lifeboat Institution search team

A Royal National Lifeboat Institution search team

You’ve seen the pictures and heard the accounts. What do you think? Was the object off the coast of Devon really driftwood? Did a ship see the monster returning to Loch Ness and suffer the consequences of being a troublesome eyewitness? The searches continue.


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