Feb 27, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Rain of Money Falls From the Sky in Kuwait City

Metaphorically speaking, money has been falling from nowhere in Kuwait ever since oil was discovered in the Middle East. However, a large amount of paper money fell from the sky over Kuwait City for real recently and so far, no one has come forth with an explanation or to claim it.

The rain of cash occurred on the afternoon of February 11. Before the shower of buying power was over, an estimated 2 to 3 million AED (United Arab Emirates dirham) worth between $544,000 and $817,000 (US dollars) fell, mostly in 500 AED notes worth about $136 each. Witnesses say the rain of cash fell for a few minutes, stopping traffic as people ran to pick up the bills.

crowd in street 570x445
Traffic stopped as the mysterious money showered down

Initial reports had the money raining down in Dubai but the video shows the Burj Jassem shopping mall in Kuwait City. The confusion may have been caused by the currency, since the AED is the currency in Dubai while the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) is used in Kuwait. Whatever the floating currency was, no explanation has been given for the money shower or how it was counted and no person, bank or rich prince has claimed it.


While most money showers can be explained by open bank windows on windy days, unattended rich babies or generous philanthropists in planes, Forteans know that mysterious and unexplained rains of cash have occurred before. In 1968, bursts of pennies fell over a 15 minute period in Newington Road, Ramsgate, Kent – pennies that were mysteriously bent before they fell. In 1957, thousands of 1000 franc notes fell onto Bourges, France, and in 1975 hundreds of one dollar bills totaling $588 rained on Chicago, Illinois. Over $7000 once fell on McClellan Highway in East Boston, Massachusetts and in July 2007 a highway in Worms, Germany was covered with what was described by the police as a “substantial amount of money.”

What caused the cash to fall in Kuwait City? And why didn’t it fall where you live instead? The mystery continues.

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A common cause of money falling from the sky

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