Feb 14, 2015 I Nick Redfern

Spying on the Roswell Slides

Well, the various articles I have recently written here at Mysterious Universe, on what have become known as the "Roswell Slides", have resulted in a lot of questions coming my way. One of them has surfaced more than any other. It basically goes like this: Do I think that the key players in the saga of the slides are "being watched"? You know: by the dreaded "them." Or, to get straight to the point: "the government"?

It is indeed an interesting question. I should stress that I have no data - at all - suggesting that such surveillance is going on. But, I can speak of something very strange that happened in the summer of 2014, and which has at least a bearing on this matter of someone snooping around.

It goes like this: last summer one of the "Dream Team" members investigating the slides, Tony Bragalia, was hacked. The hacker was someone using a safemail account and the name of "A Glass Darkly." It turns out that AGD got into Bragalia's emails and god knows where else, too.

On top of that, my emails and those of Rich Reynolds - of The UFO Conjecture(s) blog - were also compromised. Whether that was because we were directly hacked, or because we had email exchanges with Tony B, and which may simply have allowed AGD to read our emails via Tony's In-Box, I don't know. But, what I am in a position to say is that the hacker was real, his actions were real, and he did access Tony Bragalia's email account.

Blank photo slides

As a result, and hardly surprisingly, the FBI was contacted on matters relative to this. I am not sure where that all stands right now. But no matter, because another push is being made to have the world of law-enforcement (specifically those people whose work covers cyber-security) take a renewed look at this entire situation, which is filled with intrigue and high-strangeness.

It became very clear from AGD's words (he actually inserted himself into my and Rich's emailed conversations by replying...) that he was interested in the Roswell slides. What AGD did in his quest for the truth of the slides was to 100 percent cross the line in terms of what is acceptable or legal. He chose to voyeuristically snoop through our emails (and possibly through files and folders too), in search of anything and everything relevant to the slides. I'm sure AGD was hoping that one of us, or all of us, had copies of the slides on our laptops, tablets etc. We did not, however - none of us.

As for who AGD was/is, that's the bigger question which requires answering. Some people have said that they suspect it's actually all the work of the Dream Team itself. In other words, there was/is no real hacker using the alias of A Glass Darkly.

In this scenario, the Dream Team concocted and stage-managed the entire caper to add to the ever-growing interest in the slides, and to generate yet more publicity. I have to say I completely reject this theory, for the very simple fact that the FBI was contacted. No-one on the Dream Team would be so stupid as to create a non-existent hacker and then try and get the FBI involved in an investigation relevant to that same non-existent hacker.

I also rule out the idea that this was the work of "the government." The idea that any agency - of any government in the world - would need to create a safemail account to access the emails of three people (me, Reynolds, and Bragalia) is ridiculous. Such hacking could have been achieved quite easily, and without the need to hide behind a safemail account - or behind any email account.

blurry alien 570x570
I predict the real Roswell slide will be at least as blurry as this artist rendition. ~ Ed

My personal opinion? The hacking was done by someone in the UFO research community; someone who was overly eager to be the first with the most. Of course, now, and as of a couple of days ago, you can see one of the images right here. What it shows, I don't know. Many who have looked at it are underwhelmed. From what I see too, I can't say I'm particularly excited either.

In a couple of months from now, we may have more answers regarding what the slides show. I doubt those revelations will have a bearing on who A Glass Darkly was, however.  But, I'm hoping that certain things which are in motion - right now - may provide us with the real identity of AGD. Stay tuned. Whatever the Roswell slides show (or don't show) the story - and the curious, behind-the-scenes things, like the AGD-hacking saga - is going to run and run.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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