Feb 25, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Triangular UFO Over Cornwall Still Not Explained

A UFO was photographed in the airspace over Cornwall, England, near the time that RAF jet fighters were called out to intercept two Russian bombers that were spotted flying near the coast. The Ministry of Defence assured everyone that the Russian warplanes had not entered British airspace and no one was ever in any danger. Thanks for the info, MOD … now, what about that UFO?

The triangular UFO was seen hovering over winter beach-goers on Summerleaze Beach at Bude on February 17th around noon. The photograph was taken by an unnamed person at the beach and sent to the Cornwall UFO Research Group, which posted it on their social media sites the following day. This caused some confusion and concern since that was the same day as the Russian bombers were seen over the coast – some reports said they flew inland but the MOD denied this.

David Gillham of the Cornwall UFO Research Group, who posted the triangular UFO photo, received a second picture from another person of what appears to be a different UFO over Bude taken on February 3rd. Gillham asked the public for any additional information, photographs or eyewitness reports of either UFO.

other ufojpg 570x348
A second UFO photographed near Bude on February 3rd

What could the triangular UFO be? It doesn’t look like a Russian bomber and the people on the beach would probably have heard it. One person claimed it was a remote-controlled seagull a relative was playing with. This is doubtful based on the size and the fact that it doesn’t look anything like a remote-controlled seagull.

smartgull 570x321
Remote-controlled seagull

Of course, the MOD has no comment on the latest UFO sighting in the so-called “UFO Triangle” of Cornwall, where numerous sightings have been reported. Is the Ministry of Defence trying to cover up another breach of British airspace it missed? What about the other photograph? Is something attracting UFOs to Cornwall? Are Cornish pasties universally popular?

Paul Seaburn

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