Mar 31, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

California Man Sees Humanoid and Suspects Project Blue Beam

A man in southern California claims he’s being observed by a partially transparent humanoid and an invisible being with glowing eyes and has military helicopters flying over his house. Many photographs he’s taken appear to have a blue beam down the middle and he suspects he’s part of a rumored covert NASA project called Project Blue Beam. Is he?

eyes 570x447
Photograph of eyes seen by man in Highland Park

The report appeared on March 16, 2015, in the MUFON database. The man says he lives in Highland Park near Los Angeles and has been having these strange experiences for about two months. He claims his phone calls and emails to organizations to report his experiences and ask questions go mysteriously unanswered.

What caught my eye in his report was his statement that this was just like Project Blue Beam. Project Blue Beam is an alleged secret and extremely complex plan by NASA and the United Nations to use technology to simulate a Second Coming of Christ that would start a New World Order along with a new religion with the Antichrist at its helm. This theory was presented by Serge Monast in his 1994 book, “Project Blue Beam.”

Serge Monast 570x427
Serge Monast

The four-step project consisted of (this is a very brief summary) creating chaos by causing earthquakes, using holograms to simulate a new god, beaming low-frequency waves to make humans think they are getting telepathic messages and controlling all electronic devices to simulate false attacks and bring earth to the brink of destruction so that humans are ready to accept this new world order.

Now THAT’S a conspiracy theory. Monast predicted the implementation of Project Blue Beam a number of times but it obviously hasn’t occurred yet, although we now have large realistic holograms and earthquakes created by fracking, not to mention plenty of talk about a New World Order. His followers believe his death by heart attack in 1996 was an assassination to stop his revelation of the plan. Skeptics point out that Project Blue Beam resembles the 1991 Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Devil's Due” and the plot of an unreleased 1975 Star Trek movie by Gene Roddenberry called “The God Thing.”

Project Blue Beam still has plenty of believers. The poor guy in California wonders if he’s “NASA’s guinea pig” for it. Is he? Would it help if he watched Devil's Due?


Paul Seaburn

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