Mar 31, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Mass Exorcism in Poland, Mass Demon Attack in Swaziland

Kids who sign up for a religious camp instead of one teaching basketball skills or how to make a fire by rubbing sticks together are probably pretty spiritual to begin with. That’s why those attending a Catholic camp in Poland were shocked when the priest running it began performing mass exorcisms on them. Maybe he should have been in Swaziland, where a factory was in chaos after numerous women claimed to be possessed by evil spirits.

About 1,000 school children were attending a three-day camp in Gryfice, Poland, whose purpose was advertised in the flyer as a place to help "young people explore God and devote themselves to spiritual renewal through prayer." To Father Tomas Wieczorek, that help meant performing involuntary mass exorcisms on them.

According to witnesses, he brought some of the kids on a stage, put his hands on their heads and shouted incantations, causing some to faint and others to scream, cry, laugh or writhe on the floor uncontrollably. Here’s how one of the students described the scene:

It was really scary, almost like a mental asylum.

Student who fell to the ground during mass exorcism 570x379
Student who fell to the ground during mass exorcism

The only beings Father Wieczorek managed to cast out were the students, since most of them didn’t show up the next day.

The Kasumi Apparels Swaziland factory could have used an exorcist last week when two female workers fell to the ground and began screaming and writhing hysterically. This was followed by two more incidents of multiple women reportedly seeing things and acting possessed.

Shop floor leaders confirmed the apparent possessions and admitted that local religious leaders were brought in to calm the workers and attempt to chase the demons out. Meanwhile, management said it was just job stress and threatened to close the plant for two weeks, probably causing more stress and/or demonic possessions.

Pope Francis has beefed up exorcist training, which may indicate he’s worried and wants experienced priests, not camp counselors, performing them. Is being possessed by a demon better or worse than being possessed by the management of a sweatshop?

Are these examples of mass hysteria or actual possession? Either way, they’re warnings that something is wrong at a camp in Poland and a factory in Swaziland.

Sweatshop 570x381
Workers at a sweatshop in Swaziland got something more to sweat about

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