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Massive UFO and Unusual Comet Spotted Near the Sun

This has been a good time to look at the sun (figuratively, of course) as astute observers recently spotted an unusual comet that appears to be indestructible and a UFO that looks like a massive space station and may be linked to the destruction of a military satellite.

Comet watchers are big fans of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which is the 19-year-old spacecraft developed jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA that’s responsible for the discovery of over 2,800 comets. Number 2,875 was seen on February 18-21 and deemed unusual for two reasons. It was a non-group comet, meaning it was not a member of the Kreutz Sungrazers (comets from one large asteroid named for German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz) which spawned most comets or from any other known comet group. That may explain why, unlike almost all other comets, it did not evaporate or disintegrate when it passed close (within 2.2 million miles) of the sun. Instead, it continued back into space. Was it really a comet? NASA and ESA say it was.

On March 1, 2015, an image from SOHO’s contained a UFO that, when magnified (image above), looks like something out of the movies. One observer saw a resemblance to the DRAX Industries space station from the James Bond film “Moonraker” …

Moonraker Space Station

Moonraker Space Station

… while another thought it looked like a rear view of Lieutenant Starbuck’s Viper from “Battlestar Galactica,” albeit much larger than a Viper since it is estimated to be about the size of the moon.

Battlestar Gallactica Viper

Battlestar Galactica Viper

Civilians can see the photographs taken by SOHO’s cameras using the Helioviewer solar data browser at Suspiciously, the Helioviewer was down shortly after the UFO was discovered and, when it returned, the images were much blurrier. What happened? No word from NASA but some observers connected some really distant dots and linked the UFO to the report on February 1st of the mysterious destruction of a decommissioned U.S. spy satellite which exploded “after an unexplained spike in temperature.” Did the UFO destroy the satellite to send some sort of warning to someone? I told you the dots were remote.

Is the UFO a moon-sized space station with a vendetta against military satellites? Why is the comet unidentified and seemingly indestructible? Is it really a comet? Are they connected?

Things are happening around the sun so keep your eyes on it – figuratively, of course.


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