Mar 04, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Appears on News Channel Broadcast in Argentina

Repeat after me: “How can newscasters who get paid to report the news not see the UFO flying behind them???” That’s what a lot of people are asking after viewing a YouTube video of a news program in Argentina that shows a large UFO flying across the sky behind the three seemingly oblivious newscasters. What happened?

The telecast appears to have taken place on February 28, 2015, and the video was uploaded one or two days later. While it looks like the newscasters are sitting in front of a large picture window, it’s more likely that the image behind them is coming live from a camera on the roof of the studio. That would explain why neither the newscasters nor the camera operators in front of them noticed the UFO at the time it was visible to viewers. But what about the producers in the control booth and the millions (it's a popular channel) of viewers of the cable news network TN, which stands for Todo Noticias or All News? Isn’t this news?

ufo live tv argentina 570x173
Magnified image of UFO on Argentine newscast

The disc-shaped UFO crosses the entire screen, at one point passing behind a multi-story building. It appears to be much larger than a drone and traveling too fast to be an odd-shaped blimp, airship or balloon. While the quality is good, it’s not clear enough for the magnification to help make a positive identification of the craft.

Some of the commenters on the YouTube page say they saw the broadcast and others report they saw the actual UFO flying over Buenos Aires. The network website doesn’t appear to acknowledge the UFO and has no explanation of the video.

This is the second UFO sighting during a newscast in South America in less than a month. In early February in Peru, a TV crew shooting a television show on crime hosted by a local politician recorded a purple UFO hovering in the sky. Lima Congressman Renzo Reggiardo stopped his filming and allowed the crew to observe the UFO along with the numerous people in the area who also saw it. It’s been a month and no explanation has been given for that purple UFO.

Two UFOs recorded by television cameras in South American in less than a month and no one is talking. Is this a cover-up?

Paul Seaburn

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