Mar 25, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Fleet Chased by Chopper Over Lancashire, England

Hot on the heels of a report that police in Lancashire, England, have received 81 calls about paranormal encounters in the past 10 years – including 26 UFO sightings – comes number 82. A family in Bolton, Lancashire, saw and photographed four UFOs and hot on their heels was a Ministry of Defence helicopter. What’s going on in Lancashire?

Andrea Finney says she, her husband Nigel and their son were eating dinner outside when they witnessed the UFOs and their mysterious pursuer.

There were four of them, and they zoomed across the sky … They zoomed off after we spotted them, and the craziest thing was that they were then followed by a Ministry of Defence helicopter.

The Finneys took pictures of the UFOs (unfortunately, not of the helicopter) and were convinced they were not balloons or Chinese lanterns.

UFO Lancashire closeup 570x330
One of the Lancashire UFOs

What’s attracting these and other UFOs to Lancashire? According to the Lancashire Evening Post, the 81 paranormal encounter calls to police since 2005 breaks down to 30 for ghost sightings, 26 UFO sightings, 23 reports of witches and witchcraft and two for miscellaneous paranormal activity. While some of the calls were hoaxes or made under the influence of alcohol (no!), the police say they take all of them seriously since some may also be made by persons needing mental health attention.

And some may be UFOs, like the report earlier this month of two UFOs over Pendle Hill. In 2012, this video was taken of another UFO over Bolton.

If you think the UFO hotline is busy in Lancashire, police in West Midlands report receiving over 150 paranormal calls in just the past five years.

All those calls and still no answers. There was no response from the police on the four UFOs spotted by the Finney family and no comment from the Ministry of Defence on the mysterious trailing helicopter.

Hoax or helicopter hazing by hotrodding aliens?

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