Mar 31, 2015 I Micah Hanks

Was A UFO Seen Recently Near Area 51? Not Quite

Area 51 has long been, and is still a location of high-interest when it comes to UFO reports. This seems to be the case, despite a lot of official attention it has received in recent months, following the CIA's acknowledgement of the fabled test site which was reported in the New York Times and other media outlets back in late 2013.

More recently, news that a UFO was spotted near the famous UAP hotspot was accompanied by a video of the purported "mystery" object which made its way to YouTube. However, this time the object wasn't seen flying, but instead being towed along on the back of a large truck.

The video in question can be seen here.

Sun Times National reported on the object also, describing the filming of the incident thusly:

What appears to be a UFO or a facsimile thereof was transported in the night on a highway road purported to be close to Area 51, a YouTube video shows.

The video uploaded to YouTube March 21 shows several police vehicles escorting a semi with a large UFO-like craft on its trailer.

The footage appears to be shot by amateur UFO hunters at a gas station along Nevada State Route 375, also known as the “Extraterrestrial Highway” due to the prevalence of UFO sightings reported along its path.

Following the appearance of the article referenced above, a contact of mine in the area (who requested anonymity) noted the following interesting points about the video, and more specifically, some of the landmarks it contains:

There is no gas station along 375. The only gas on the ET Highway was at the Alien Cowpoke store, AKA the old Quick Pik (sic). The guy who bought it let the permits expire and would have to remediate some toxic spill. ‎It hadn't been open for years.

There are two gas stations along route 93 on the way to Groom Lake, but none have electronic signs that change as shown in the video.

Lastly, gas hadn't been that expensive in Central Nevada in years. For gas in Alamo NV, take the Vegas price and add 20 cents. For Tonopah, it is a bit less.

Does this cast doubt on the location where the video was purportedly made? It was subsequently brought to my attention by the same reader that a thread on the Above Top Secret website has now gone a step further, suggesting that the "UFO" seen in the video is actually one of the US Navy's X47-B UAVs (which, in truth, isn't hard to guess, as we'll see in a moment):


Interestingly, this wouldn't be the first time that an X47-B in transit was mistaken for a hitchhiking UFO. A similar incident occurred in 2011 while what appeared to be one of the UAVs was filmed being carried on the back of a flatbed, prompting similar speculation about a captured UFO being carried (in full view of the public, no less) to the Nation's Capital.

The tailless X47-B is renowned, somewhat, for having an appearance that resembles a "flying saucer", which is apparently the case whether the craft is seen while in mid-flight, or merely being towed along on a truck under a shrink-wrapped tarp covering. It's easy to see how, when covered in this way, people's imaginations might get the best of them.


Then again, anybody that's really in the know is well aware that any "real" captured saucers are transported along underground tunnel networks, not along highways that pass through major metropolitan areas. Then again, sometimes the best place to hide something is right out in the open, right?

Micah Hanks

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