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Dancing UFOs in the Philippines and a Fiery Flameout in Peru

Are videos any better than photographs in determining what UFOs might be? Here’s three chances to find out. The first two nighttime videos from the Philippines are of an event described as “dancing lights” while the third is a dramatic daylight video of a smoke-trailing ball that streaked across the sky in Lima, Peru.

Paolo Gallardo posted this video of what he witnessed over Pampanga in late April. Although the video is much shorter, he says he observed the objects for around 8 minutes. The video was taken on Lubao Diversion Road and Gallardo returned the following day during daylight to take a photograph showing that the landscape contained no buildings, mountains or towers that could have caused the lights.

Another video was posted of what appears to be the same lights but taken from a different road. Photographs of the lights were also posted on social media.

Pampanga is near the Clark International Airport and two Philippine Air Force air bases but there were no reports of activities by any of them that could account for the lights. In September 2000, numerous witnesses reported a “mysterious light that danced in the sky” for about five hours. That sighting was investigated by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration. There’s no word on what it found or if any investigation will be made of the latest dancing UFOs.

Meanwhile, a taxi driver in Lima on Avenue Javier Prado heading towards the hill of La Molina at 10 am on April 28 saw a bright object fall from the sky in front of him. He managed to record it and then drove up the hill but saw no smoke or any indication of a crash or landing. Other witnesses reported sightings but no additional videos or photos. There were no reports of meteors or space debris reentering the atmosphere. Unfortunately, no TV crews were watching like at the sighting in Lima in February.

Three videos. One day, two at night. One looks like a fireball but can’t be confirmed. The others are described as dancing lights, UFOs, fireflies, beams from the ground reflected on clouds or unknown.

What do you see in them?


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