Apr 25, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Five-Legged Lamb, Five-Mouth Calf and Sheep-Eating Cow

It’s Odd Animal Friday and we’ve got a trio of creatures that have their owners, mothers and local villagers baffled. A farmer in Wales has a lamb with five legs while one in India – home of the multi-limbed deities – has a calf with not one, not two … this could go on for a while … five mouths. And in Kenya, a farmer gained an oddity but lost a lamb when his cow started eating his sheep.


The five-legged lamb named Jake is lucky he was born to Mid Wales farmer Bethan Lloyd-Davies. Bethan decided Jake was too cute to eat so he took him to the local vet who said Jake looked healthy (as the video shows) and removing the extra limb would be too risky. Jake is back running the fields with his mother. Welsh locals can’t recall another five-legged lamb but one was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in England in 2013.

five mouth calf 570x428
Nandi showing how one of the five mouths works

Nandi the five-mouthed calf was born on a dairy farm in Narnaul, northern India. Local vet Sukhbir Singh says the healthy calf moves all ten lips but can only drink from two mouths – a relief to its mother. One of the calf’s eyes is blue, the other is black and they’re positioned on his head so he can only see to the side. Like many animal oddities in India, Nandi is a local celebrity – having five mouths, Lord Krishna’s nickname and being a cow, the Hindu symbol of life.

cow and sheep 570x356
Cow choosing sheep over grass

While Jake and Nandi’s multiple limbs and mouths are birth defects, no one is sure how a cow in Kenya developed its taste for sheep. Farmer Charles Mamboleo says cows are herbivores so he was shocked to find his moo-er munching on mutton. He tried giving it grass because his wife was afraid the carnivorous cow was cursed and would consume their children next, but the cow stuck with sheep, proving that once you go baa, you can never go back. A local agricultural officer thinks the cow is suffering from a nutritional deficiency due to recent droughts and will go back to the range after some rain.

It’s good to see that all of these animals are being taken care of. As always, treat these animal oddities as a sign and possible warning that something else is going on.

Paul Seaburn
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