Apr 23, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Roar Over Wisconsin Still Unexplained

Are you tired of stories about the mysterious loud booms? Do you hate hearing another possible explanation of the mysterious hums? Today we add another strange noise to the list of strange noises: the roof-rattling roar over Wisconsin. It was heard by scores of people across the southern portion of the state on Sunday, April 19 for up to three minutes and, as of this date, no explanation has been given for it.

At 8:15 pm on April 19th, 2015, a roaring sound was heard for a period of one to three minutes by residents across a swath of towns in the southern half of Wisconsin, a state in the north central U.S. bordered by Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. The geographic area affected by the roar was determined by reports, emergency calls and comments on social media sites. Cities where it was heard included Janesville, Beloit, Milton, Evansville, Albany, Monticello, Monroe, Elkhorn and Delavan.

map 570x405
Some of the locations reporting the loud roar

Most ear-witnesses of the roar said it sounded much louder than an aircraft, even a low-flying one. A report from the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport said there were no aircraft in the affected area at the time of the sound.

Rain was reportedly falling at the time in Janesville, but the National Weather Service said there were no storms or other weather conditions that could have caused thunder or loud noises. There were no reports or records of a meteorite passing over, which would have created a short sonic boom, not a sustained roar.

How about an earthquake? Wisconsin is not known for earthquake activity and none was reported on April 15th. What about fracking? Wisconsin is involved in fracking, but in an unusual way. The state is a leader in providing sand for fracking operations and has sand mines across the southern part of the state. Sand mining is an open pit operation that causes serious erosion problems. Was the roar caused by sand mining? So far, no one is commenting.

That’s it for conventional possibilities. What caused the Wisconsin roar? Secret military aircraft testing? UFO? Alien communications? Solar eruption? Flock of migrating Canadian geese with indigestion? Wisconsinites will keep listening and wondering.

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Not his fault

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