Apr 02, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Spielberg May Be Making Documentary About Russian UFO Lake

There’s rumors coming out of Russia that Steven Spielberg will make a documentary about Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest freshwater lake and the location of numerous UFO and alien sightings. Is Spielberg finally going to have a close encounter with a real E.T.?

The Siberian Times reported this week that the world famous director would be visiting Lake Baikal in May to kick off the filming of “Depth 211,” a documentary about one of Siberia’s hottest hotbeds of UFO activity. Completely surrounded by mountains, the remote lake contains one-fifth of Earth’s unfrozen surface fresh water (more than all the Great Lakes combined) and dates back 25 million years, making it the world’s oldest lake.


While there have been many sightings of glowing objects and flying saucers over the lake, the most interesting sightings have come from divers exploring its depths. In 1977, two men in a submersible ship turned off their lights at a depth of 1200 meters and were suddenly hit by a strange glow from above and two sides. After a minute, the lights went out and they were back in darkness.

The most famous encounter was in 1982 when seven military divers came face-to-face with aliens. Historian Alexey Tivanenko describes the meeting:

At a depth of 50 meters, they met swimmers, around three meters tall, dressed in tight-fitting silvery suits. They did not have any scuba or other devices, just helmets on their heads.

The divers suddenly and mysteriously found themselves on the shore suffering from decompression and three of them died. Their descriptions of the aliens were said to resemble the beings pictured in petroglyphs found in the area.

Lake Baikal petroglyph 570x379
A Lake Baikal petroglyph

Add to those the stories of large flying saucers seen by multiple witnesses in 1987 and 1990 and legends of lake monsters and it sounds like the perfect location for a Spielberg movie, fact or fiction.

So, is Steven coming? That’s hard to tell. There’s no word from his “people” and Siberian Times referenced a press release from MUFON that the web site appears to have no record of.

It sounds like it would be a great documentary. If Spielberg doesn’t do, maybe somebody else will produce “Close Encounters of the Frigid Kind.”

Paul Seaburn

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