May 22, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Small Human and Prehistoric Creature Spotted on Mars

While the debate rages on in the U.S. over whether humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time, there’s no such argument on Mars if you believe the latest photos taken by a Mars rover showing a small human figure and what appears to be a Martian version of the popular prehistoric Earth creature, the Trilobite.

The figure (above) trucking across the Martian landscape is estimated to be about six inches tall. It looks very similar to the female figure found on Mars in 2013. Some suggest the figures to the right of the woman are a man hiding and a small boy.

woman man boy 570x408
Woman, man and small boy on surface of Mars?

At that small size, the latest figure may be a statue of a human or humanoid similar to this legless figure flagging down the rover in 2014.

legless statue 570x242
Waving to the rover?

If you’re a fan of “Lost,” you may remember Jack finding his father’s empty coffin and then finding his father alive a little later. Did one of those figures arrive on Mars in this coffin?

coffin 570x346
This coffin needs to be re-hearsed

Let’s move on to the Trilobite, whose fossils are among the most prevalent found on Earth. Is it any surprise they would be on Mars as well?

Mars trilobite  570x398
A Trilobite stranded on a Martian rock?

The photo certainly looks like a Trilobite, although it’s hard to tell if it’s alive, a fossil or a statue. It would not be the first appearance of what look like dinosaur remains on Mars, possibly from a spine.

dinosaur spine 570x369
What appears to be bones from a creature's spine on the Martian surface

Perhaps the spine ended at this dinosaur head seen by the Curiosity rover.

dinosaur head 570x348
If only the head and the spine were closer together

Are we seeing more evidence of life on Mars in the form of statues, fossils or possibly even the creatures themselves? It’s always hard to say with still photographs. But the number of images of these types keeps on mounting.

Maybe NASA needs to reconsider doing a fundraiser to pay for a video camera on the next mission.

Paul Seaburn

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