May 21, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Strange Orb Visits Space Walk of Fame Museum

Are aliens checking out the exhibits at the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum to get a feel for when humans might be capable of visiting their planet? Is the facility haunted by the ghost of a guy in a balloon-powered lawn chair wanting to be recognized? Those are just some of the questions being asked by employees at the Florida museum after security camera footage twice showed a mysterious orb in the building recently.

We can't explain it, nor can the fellas who put in the system for us.

That’s what Charlie Mars, president of the museum, said about the security videos of an orb floating around an exhibit area in the historic museum in Titusville, Florida. The lights were off, the air conditioning was shut down and he doesn’t believe the orb was a dust ball or camera glare.

The museum is filled with artifacts from astronauts, space program workers and contractors. Mars likes the idea that the orb could be one of them.

There are many items in here that were brought in by people who are no longer with us. They could be coming back to check on it.

Charlie Mars 570x378
Charlie Mars and some of the museum's artifacts.

The museum moved to its current location on Pine Street in 2014. Prior to that, it was in a smaller building on Elm Street that had a number of mysterious incidents, including exhibits being moved and reports of an unexplained energy field felt in one part of the museum. It now occupies a 100-year-old building that was once the original county records facility for the area. Perhaps the orb is a deed holder trying to get rid of an old lien?

An astronaut ghost appearance would not be unprecedented. In 1993, a racing plane belonging to Deke Slayton – one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and crew member of the 1975 US-USSR Apollo-Soyuz mission – was seen flying by many witnesses, including FAA personnel, hours after Slayton had passed away.

Whatever the orb is, it shouldn’t keep anyone from visiting the Space Walk of Fame Museum, which sounds like a fabulous tribute to the space program.

Paul Seaburn

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