May 01, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Seen Over Nepal As Mt. Everest Shrinks

A UFO was recorded hovering over areas of Nepal devastated by the recent earthquake at the same time as new images taken by a European Space Agency radar satellite show that Mt. Everest appears to have shrunk as a result of the quake. Has damage to the planet’s highest mountain raised concern among aliens?

ESA’s Sentinel-1a radar satellite passed over Nepal and scanned the areas affected by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake. They were then compared to pre-quake images of the same areas and showed that Mt. Everest shrank one inch as a result of the quake. The cause of the downward shift was obvious in other images – areas near the city of Kathmandu were pushed upward by as much as three feet.

mount everest after earthquake 570x224
Before and after images of Mt. Everest

According to geophysicist Tim Wright, the area raised by the quake measured 75 miles long by 30 miles wide with the highest new elevation occurring 10 miles from Kathmandu. This caused the Earth’s crust to relax in other areas like Mt. Everest. Fortunately, the Himalayas grow four-tenths of an inch every year so the shrinkage will be short-lived.

Nepal quake 570x356
Areas that moved upwards are blue and those that dropped are yellow and red

The Nepal fault zones are still under stress and new earthquakes are feared. Could that be why a UFO was checking the area? The video from a television report had no translation other than to show it was taken on April 29th.

The words “Nepal sasakyang pangalangaang” are the Filipino phrase “Nepal spaceship.” The newscast compares the lights to a triangular UFO and shows an embedded video of the UFO in a different light or possibly another UFO. While drones have been used to survey the devastation, the newscaster seems to be implying this is not a drone.

UFO 3 570x323
An image from the newscast of what the UFO might look like

UFOs have been seen frequently and recently over volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. It’s no surprise to see one over Nepal, especially with Mt. Everest shrinking. Where did this one come from? Did the ceiling crack in the Hollow Earth?

Paul Seaburn

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