Jun 07, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Another Politician Reveals Personal UFO Encounter

The number of political leaders who acknowledge the existence of UFOs grew by one this week as a video of Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre surfaced with Coderre describing a UFO sighting he had when he was fifteen that he knew “was not an object from our world.”

The video (in French) was made public this week by MTL Blog, an online network in Montreal. It shows Coderre in 1978 at age 15 (he’s now 51) talking at a science fair. He explains he’s an amateur astronomer and then describes his UFO experience one night while stargazing.

… the object appeared out of nowhere and floated through the air, suddenly stopping in its tracks and heading back in the other direction.


Coderre says he reported the sighting to “his organization” (MUFON Canada perhaps?) and they determined there was at least a 50% probability it was a UFO. That wasn’t enough to convince him to become a UFO hunter. He majored in political science and business and has had a long career in politics, culminating with his election as Mayor of Montreal in 2013.

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They're up there

Coderre joins a distinguished group of political leaders who have witnessed UFOs. US President Jimmy Carter filed an official UFO report in 1969 on his sighting of a “self-luminous" object in Georgia. US President Ronald Reagan was one of four people in private plane that followed a UFO in 1974. Arizona Governor Fife Symington says he witnessed the Phoenix Lights in 1997. Ohio congressman, former Cleveland mayor and frequent presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich revealed in a presidential debate that he had seen a UFO. Georgia Senator Richard B. Russell Jr. and other witnesses saw a UFO while on an official visit to Russia in 1955. While President Obama hasn’t admitted seeing a UFO, one of his personal pilots has.

Are there more? It’s highly likely given the secrecy surrounding UFO sightings, especially after politicians have entered office. Perhaps if Hillary Clinton (no sightings revealed yet) is elected president, she’ll put John Podesta in a position where he can check “revealing the UFO files” off of his bucket list.

In the meantime, let’s hope this revelation about Denis Coderre’s UFO encounter encourages other leaders to come forward with their own experiences.

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Stop worrying about drones and look up!

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