Jun 12, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Devil Worshipers and the Ashes of Nikola Tesla

Are devil worshipers in Belgrade using the ashes of Nikola Tesla in a satanic ritual? That’s the claim being made in Belgrade city council meetings where the president revealed that high officials in the Serbian Orthodox church want the scientist’s ashes moved from the Nikola Tesla Museum to a nearby church where they can be better protected from satanists. Is it true?

Nikola Tesla died in New York City on January 7, 1943. His body was cremated and stored along with a death mask in New York until 1957 when they were sent to Belgrade where the ashes were put on display in a gold-plated sphere on a marble pedestal in the Nikola Tesla Museum.

tesla museum 570x321
Displays at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade

Until now. At a Belgade city council meeting on June 8, council president Nikola Nikodijevic revealed he received a request from high in the Serbian Orthodox Church for Tesla's remains to be moved out of the museum. Why, Mr. Nikodijevic?

If you really want me to tell you the truth, this is an initiative by Patriarch [Irinej], who came to the city council and begged us to remove the ashes because of the satanic rituals that are taking place in the museum.

A photograph on the church website shows an alleged satanic service in front of the golden sphere holding Tesla’s ashes. They want the ashes moved to St. Sava Church in Belgrade. The church wants Tesla’s ashes protected because his father was an Orthodox priest. Church leaders also tried in March 2014 to move Tesla's ashes there because it’s where other Serbian national heroes are buried.

satanic ritual 570x423
Photograph of alleged devil worshipers performing satanic ritual in front of Tesla's ashes

Branimir Jovanovic, director of the museum, denies the satanic ritual allegations.

I have been working at the museum for more than 20 years. We preserve and take care of everything concerning Tesla. This kind of story has nothing to do with reality.

Jovanovic did not say what the people were doing in the photograph nor did he speculate why satanists might be interested in Tesla’s ashes. For now, they’re still in the urn in the museum.

We know why the church wants Tesla's ashes. Why would devil worshipers want them?

Paul Seaburn

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