Jun 06, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Fleets of UFOs Seen Flying Over England and Georgia

Seeing one UFO is getting to be pretty common. Two generates a little more interest. See a fleet of UFOs and you get some attention. That’s what’s happening in Cheltenham, England and Conyers, Georgia, after large numbers of UFOs were seen over those cities this week. Are these mysterious lights signs of an invasion or aliens checking out B&B’s in the Cotswolds?

Diane Knight of Cheltenham, a large resort town in Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds and home of the annual Gold Cup steeplechase horse race, says she saw lines of red or orange lights in groups of twos and threes flying silently at about 10 pm. She described them as “going at quite a speed.” The UFOs were also seen by her husband. After they reported them to the local media, a set of photographs taken of the UFOs was submitted by Mark Pearson. They clearly show the lights in a straight line formation.

Meanwhile, a man describing himself as the “Chief Meteorologist for WSB TV in Atlanta” submitted to MUFON a video with the comment:

A viewer send me this. 100 little red dots following airline path over conyers headed west please tell me what it was. He has great video. I have attached what she sent.


The video shows a number of unidentified lights hovering over a well-known fast food establishment. Glenn Burns is the Chief Meteorologist at WSB-TV and, while his Facebook page does show a map of over 90,000 reports of UFO sightings dating back to 1905, he has no comments about the video.

map of ufo sightingsjpg 570x305
Map showing concentrations of UFO sightings

Conyers has a history of UFO sightings. In February, 2014, a witness reported multiple sightings of a formation of lights attached to a huge sphere-shaped object. She said the sightings gave her headaches and caused her dog to act strangely. And in May, 2010, a couple reported seeing a triangular UFO with solid lights at the corners and two flashing lights in the middle.

A line of UFOs over a resort in England. A random group of them over a fast food joint in Georgia. Aliens on vacation? Lanterns? Drones?

Or something else?

Paul Seaburn

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