Jun 27, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Flying Saucer and Flying Humanoids Reported in India

A young boy in Kanpur, India, hoping to takes some pictures of clouds instead photographed what appears to be a classic flying saucer. Meanwhile, Indian sews programs are showing videos of what look like flying humanoids over Nellore that some say look vaguely familiar.

On June 24, 7-year-old Abhijeet Gupta thought he was taking pictures of a glider flying through the clouds but knew it was something else when it began changing colors and emitting lights. Here’s part of his description:

(It had a) red light spotting around the white colored round object and it appeared as if white smoke was emitting from the center of the object.

kanpur ufo 570x317
Photos of UFO taken by Abhijeet Gupta

He said the saucer-shaped object moved faster than other aircraft, streaking across the sky before flying up and disappearing. His father, Santosh Gupta, found other witnesses to corroborate Abhijeet’s story and gave the photographs and testimonies to Professor Debopam Das of IITKanpur’s aerospace engineering department, who said it was probably a UFO. No other authorities contacted by Gupta showed interest in the photos or eyewitness accounts but he continues to offer them for inspection and analysis.

Competing with the news of the flying saucer in Kanpur is a TV news report of flying humanoids in the Nellore district on India’s southeastern coast.


Reports say that these so-called flying humans have been seen all over Nellore and residents are afraid to go out at night. Those residents may want to do a little Internet searching because the video looks very much like another report of flying humanoids in Brazil in December 2014. That video was much clearer and spurred serious social media debates about they were angels, aliens or computer graphics.

The debate was resolved when digital artist Jessen Carlos revealed how he created the video.


Well, resolved until a reporter for an Indian news channel blurred the images, moved the story to Nellore and brought it back to life.

That leaves Abhijeet Gupta and his flying saucer. He’s still waiting for some answers. What do you think about the object in his photographs?

Paul Seaburn

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