Jun 05, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Michigan Police Look for Horse-Killing Sasquatch or Big Cat

Police and wildlife officials in Sanilac County, Michigan, are warning residents to lock up their pets and livestock and keep their children indoors until they determine what kind of large creature or animal killed a 1,200 pound horse in broad daylight. In this part of Michigan known as “the Thumb,” locals fear the killer could be anything from a coyote to a cougar to a Sasquatch.

The killing occurred on Sunday, May 31st, in a rural area of Sanilac County a mere 80 miles north of Detroit. The location is called “the Thumb” because it is on the peninsula protruding into Lake Huron that looks like the thumb of a mitten when you look at a map of the lower peninsula of Michigan. Sanilac County animal control officer Jim Matson investigated the report of a horse being bitten and bleeding to near death.

The owners were in their house, heard commotion, went outside and the horse was bleeding badly from the rear hoof. No other animal was seen.

Sgt. Darrin Siemen of the Sanilac County Sheriff's Office issued the warning to keep animals and children inside. He suggested the killer was larger than a small animal and possibly a coyote.

Local residents aren’t so sure. Social media sites recorded fears of cougars, Sasquatch and other creatures both real and rumored. There have been numerous sightings of cougars in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and a few in the Lower Peninsula.

Marquette Michigan Cougar 570x264
A cougar seen in Marquette County, Michigan

Michigan is also a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings. In 1993, there were footprints found in Sanilac County, a sighting of three in a cornfield there and a report by two witnesses of a woman being picked up and dropped by a Bigfoot she accidentally bumped into.

Was the Sanilac County horse attacked by a Bigfoot? An alien big cat? Dogman? As of this writing, no one has seen any and the case is still open. The horse farm has the rest of its horses locked up and children are still afraid to go out because, as Animal Control Officer Jim Matson puts it:

There's a possibility that something's out there.

scared horse 570x363
What was that?

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