Jun 29, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

NASA Cuts Live Feed Again as More UFOs Seen by ISS Camera

While a SpaceX rocket explodes on takeoff and becomes the third International Space Station re-supply mission to fail in recent months, UFOs seem to have no trouble visiting the ISS and being observed by its cameras which send a live video feed to Earth. Perhaps this frustrating failure rate is why NASA cut the latest feed showing three UFOs leaving Earth. Or was it cut because there were too many UFO sightings by the ISS cameras recently?


A video taken from the live stream and posted on the Internet shows three UFOs that appear to be leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. Too small to identify, they are nonetheless easy to follow until the feed is cut and NASA displays its usual apology:


Also as usual, NASA had no comment on the UFOs or the feed cut. Could it be getting nervous about all of the UFO sightings being reported by regular feed viewers? Here’s one captured just over two months ago of a UFO crossing the sky.


In May 2015, the feed showed this odd-shaped UFO that paused before it appeared to move away until it could no longer be seen.


The latest objects seen in June are unusual because there were three of them and the video feed was cut after they appeared. Why cut the feed if they’re just space junk or satellites? Could it be because the objects appeared to be leaving the Earth’s surface rather than just passing by? The lack of any comments by NASA is disconcerting and suspicious.

Meanwhile, SpaceX, Russia and Orbital Sciences are all having trouble getting off the ground. On this, NASA has a comment, from William Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate administrator for human exploration:

There were no commonalities, just the fact that it's space and it's difficult to go fly.

Difficult for some ... but apparently not for all.

Paul Seaburn

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