Jun 22, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Pond Explodes in Canada While Lakes Disappear in Georgia

There’s something in the water in Canada that made a pond on a golf course suddenly start to bubble, churn and explode muddy water high into the air. There might have been something in the water in two lakes in Georgia in the U.S. but we’ll never know because they both disappeared overnight. What’s happening?

It’s said that nothing stops serious golfers from completing a round, but golfers at Indian Hills Golf Course in Lambton Shores, Ontario, were forced to evacuate after the water hazard on one hole became really hazardous.


Witnesses said the pond’s surface churned, water and mud spouted like geysers and a strong smell like propane filled the air. After the local gas company confirmed there were no pipelines in the area, the blame was placed on a previously unknown methane pocket. An emergency was declared by both the municipality and the golfers as the course was closed until further notice.

Meanwhile, lakes are disappearing in the state of Georgia. Residents of College Park, Georgia, near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, woke up on June 16 to find that Lake Feldwood had disappeared overnight and nothing was left but dead fish, mud and useless piers.

Lake Feldwood 570x321
The mud pit that was once Lake Feldwood

This is eerily similar to what happened on June 1 to Aspen Lake. Just 25 miles from Lake Feldwood, Coweta County residents say Aspen Lake vanished overnight after a period of heavy downpours.

Aspen Lake 570x321
Nothing but mud and dead fish were Aspen Lake once was

Is there a connection?

Dams. Both lakes are man-made and their dams broke under the pressure caused by unusually heavy rains. The dams will have to be replaced to bring the lakes back and residents, government officials and engineers in both locations are assessing the impacts and estimating the costs.

The exploding pond and disappearing lakes occurred because humans created water basins where there were none before which, in the case of the lakes, were destroyed by unusual weather that may have also been influenced by humans. The bodies of water served no useful purpose but entertainment for golfers and homeowners. Meanwhile, areas across the globe suffer from a lack of clean drinking water.

No mysteries here. Just some things to think about.

Paul Seaburn

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