Jul 03, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Cube UFO Over Texas and Cubic Glowing Orb Over Antarctica

It looks like the 2015 model of UFO is the cube. Two mysterious cube-shaped UFO sightings have been getting a lot of attention this week. A strange cube that appears to be in a portal or vortex was photographed by witnesses in Texas while a low-flying cubic glowing orb was seen in a video feed from a station in Antarctica.

The cube-shaped Texas UFO was spotted on June 29th, 2015, over El Paso. First posted anonymously, the photograph was eventually attributed to Walter C. Lance. Lance says he first saw nothing but storm clouds. At around 1 pm, he noticed the clouds swirl into a portal or vortex shape. As the center turned black, he took a series of pictures with his cell phone.

ufo texas portal crop 570x249
Cube UFO in a portal or vortex over El Paso, Texas

While the original photos taken at a distance show a fuzzy cube shape, some of the close-ups appear to be enhanced and others seem to be a different cubic or rectangular UFO. After his posting, another anonymous witness released a picture she took at about the same time of what appears to be the same or similar cube UFO. She also reported hearing a humming sound.

second ufo cube crop 570x248
Another image of the El Paso cube UFO taken by a second witness

As expected with a report with little information on such an odd (or some might say menacing) UFO, speculations on what it might be or where it came from are running rampant.

Meanwhile, a photo from what appears to be an observation web camera pointed at Davis Station in Antarctica shows a low-altitude glowing orb that is somewhat cube-shaped.

ufo antarctica mag 570x358
Magnified image of cubic orb in Antarctica

The image is dated June 28, 2015, but no other information is available. Davis Station is a permanent base managed by the Australian Antarctic Division and located on the coast of Cooperation Sea. There has been no comment on the orb from the AAD.

UFOs have been seen over Antarctica or embedded in the ice before, with the most recent being a Google Maps image of what appears to be a crashed saucer-shaped craft.

Is cubic the new disc? What do you think about these two cube-shaped UFOs?

Paul Seaburn

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