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Mysterious Crater Opens in Beach and Snails Fly Out of It

In North Carolina this summer, beachgoers fear the sharks. In California, they fear the strange blobs washing ashore. In Devon, England, they fear the flying snails. Wait, what?

Orcombe Point on Exmouth Beach in Devon, England, was closed this week after a huge mysterious crater opened up in the sand. Huge as in 15 feet wide by 15 feet deep. Mysterious because water exploded out of the crater sending snails high into the sky. If that’s not scary enough, more holes appear to be opening up nearby. Sunbathers and snails are both frightened. What’s happening on Exmouth Beach that’s expelling snails out of the mouth of this mysterious crater?

giant hole 570x380
Mysterious crater on Devon beach after it stopped shooting out snails and filled with water

The hole appeared at just past noon on July 2nd. Kite surf instructor James Dart was one of the first at the scene.

I looked over and there were big plumes of water coming out of the beach it was all bubbling up much like a geyser … it was quite tremendous sight … I got closer and saw plant matter coming up, a few snails coming out too.

The National Maritime Operations Centre sent in the Coastguard which immediately closed off the area, a popular beach with dog walkers and sunbathers. The East Devon District Council then sent in an engineering team which greatly expanded the danger area out of fears there was a massive chamber underneath the beach that was going to continue to explode or possibly implode.

cordoned off 570x321
Engineers looking for the cause of the mysterious crater

After a time, the snails stopped flying out of the hole and it filled with water, but other smaller holes began appeared so the engineers are keeping the beach cordoned off until the cause is determined and the danger is assessed.

So far, the only official comment from city officials is this:

Heavy rain yesterday may be the cause of the hole - a natural phenomena - to have opened up, but is still a bit of a mystery.

Holes and rain are certainly “natural phenomena,” but what about the flying snails? No word from the Coastguard or the engineers on what caused the geysers of water that launched the mollusks.

What could have caused the earth in Devon to open and send snails skyward?

snail exodus 570x570
We need to find a new beach

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