Jul 23, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Texans Spot Another Cube UFO and a Possible Flying Humanoid

While many Texans have their eyes on the ground to make sure nothing fishy happens during the Jade Helm operations, those worried about invasive encounters of the third kind looked upwards this past week and spotted some unusual UFOs. The cube UFO seen a few weeks ago over Texas was joined by a rectangular cuboid. And in El Paso, what appears to be a flying humanoid was captured on film by someone who wants help identifying it.

new cube 570x321
Second cube UFO in less than a month seen over Texas

Photographs of what resembled a Borg-like cube UFO either entering or exiting a portal or wormhole in the clouds first surfaced at the end of June. Picked up by many media sources, the photographs stimulated some interesting thoughts from both believers and skeptics. The new photograph appeared in mid-July and comes with less information – no names or location other than Texas. The only additional data so far is that the witness saw the object during a storm, but could only take one photograph after the cellphone video camera froze. No information on what it might be has turned up and no other witnesses have come forward.

humanoid close 570x345
Magnified images of flying humanoid or object over El Paso, Texas

The flying humanoid sighting took place in El Paso on July 20th. The anonymous witness was photographing clouds at sunset and later noticed the UFO in one photograph. The witness didn’t think it was a bird and, after a relative mentioned the El Paso cube sighting, decided to submit the information to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The humanoid or object looks like it might also be entering or exiting a portal. Then again, it could be some camera anomaly since no other photographs showed it.

Is Texas becoming more attractive to UFOs or are Texans just getting better at CGI? Are the photographs – real or not – timed to distract eyes and thoughts away from what’s going on with Jade Helm? Are the UFOs part of it? Is there a portal or wormhole over El Paso? Why the sudden spate of cubes? Any other possibilities?

Paul Seaburn
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