Jul 30, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Fleet Over Osaka is the Latest Cluster Sighting

A video from Osaka, Japan, shows what appears to be ten orb-shaped UFOs hovering in formation over the city. This follows other smaller cluster sightings in Osaka and more recently in London. Why are UFOs suddenly gathering in groups?

The video of the orbs over Osaka was uploaded on July 27th, 2015, but no indication was given as to when the sighting took place or the exact location of the event. The video lasts for two minutes and shows most of the UFOs maintaining their positions while some seem to move around. Since the video is blurred, identification of the objects is difficult and speculation runs from alien aircraft to balloons.


Some comments compare this sighting to one in London late last month of two UFOs over a rock concert at Hyde Park. Despite the usual references to fireworks, drug use, drones and concert pyrotechnics, no explanation for the brief sighting has been confirmed.

London 570x379
UFOs over a rock concert in London

A previous sighting over Osaka of a cluster of UFOs took place on August 30th, 2012. That triangular group of lights may have been a tight cluster or lights on a single large object. There were multiple reports of the sighting on Twitter and numerous photos were posted, but no explanation was ever given.

osaka 2012 570x428
Cluster of UFOs seen over Osaka in 2012

Another fleet of UFOs, this time over the US city of Milwaukee, could have been added to this list. It was spotted and recorded by many witnesses on July 25th. Most experts agree this was actually a nighttime parachute jump by the U.S. Army Golden Knights for a local German festival.


That’s one resolved and many more still unexplained, including the group of three UFOs seen on the International Space Station video feed before it was mysteriously cut off.

Are these cluster or fleet sightings merely coincidences or a sign of something happening? Perhaps some organizing activities? By them or by us?

Paul Seaburn

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