Jul 10, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Monitors ISS Cargo Delivery After Three Previous Failures

A video has surfaced of what appears to be a UFO monitoring the arrival of the Russian Progress Cargo Ship at the International Space Station. This trip was made necessary by three previous failed attempts at delivering cargo by SpaceX, Russia and Orbital Sciences. Are aliens concerned about their fellow space travelers in the ISS?

While NASA claimed the current ISS crew had enough supplies to last them through October, it and the Russian space program are obviously concerned about the recent problems. The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo ship with more than 4,000 pounds of supplies disintegrated on June 28th and the cause is still unknown, although there’s recent conspiratorial speculation that a competitor shot it down with a laser. Another Progress ship spun out of control on April 28th and an Orbital Sciences cargo craft exploded last October.


Was a UFO watching to make sure the latest Progress ship docked successfully with the ISS on July 3rd? The cigar-shaped object appears to be approaching the space station. The poster calls it a “leaked Russian video," which might explain why it doesn’t suddenly cut out like similar NASA video feeds of possible UFOs.

That’s what seems to have happened here in a feed from July 6th showing an orb outside the ISS. (audio contains music)


This video from July 5th doesn’t cut out as it shows what looks like the lights of one large UFO or possibly a fleet of smaller crafts. (audio contains music)


What are we seeing in these videos? The “reflections” and “lens flares” skeptics will always chime in, but wouldn’t NASA, Russia and the ISS residents take more pride in their work and eliminate those problems? Why aren't they there all of the time? If it's all space debris, wouldn't the astronauts be concerned about their safety? The music and drama of the videos may be annoying at times, but we should be appreciative that someone besides NASA is watching these feeds for us.

The ISS UFO mysteries continue.

Paul Seaburn

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