Aug 18, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Ancient Civilization Drove Tanks and Trucks in Turkey

Let’s say there was a civilization on Earth that predated the first humans by a few million years. How might they have traveled through the primordial slop that covered the planet some 14 million years ago? Would you believe they drove tanks and trucks?

overhead 570x368
An overhead view of the mysterious ruts in the Phrygian Valley of Turkey

That’s what Russian geologist Dr. Alexander Koltypin of Moscow's International Independent University of Ecology and Politology concluded after studying mysterious parallel grooves in the petrified ground in the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey. These grooves, ruts or tracks were discovered in 2014 in an area that already had a rich and mythical history. In Greek mythology, Phrygia was once ruled by Gordias of Gordian Knot fame and Midas of golden touch fame.

The ruts far predate the chariot tracks of ancient Greece and are much deeper – up to a meter in some places. Because the ruts are naturally preserved in petrified volcanic ash, Dr. Koltypin says they’re easy to date and puts their creation at 12 to 14 million years ago. Who or what could have made them?

All these rocky fields were covered with the ruts left some millions of years ago....we are not talking about human beings.

car1 570x338
The distance between the ruts is about the width of modern vehicles

Let’s look at what made them first. Dr. Koltypin believes the grooves were made by ancient, heavy off-road vehicles because the tracks run parallel, the grooves are about the width a car or truck might make and the sides of the ruts have scratches that appear to have been made by axles.

axel 570x380
These appear to be axle marks worn into the sides of the ruts

Who was driving these monster trucks, Dr. Koltypin?

I think we are seeing the signs of the civilization which existed before the classic creation of this world. Maybe the creatures of that pre-civilization were not like modern human beings.

Koltypin says the evidence supports his theory that an ancient pre-human pre-biblical civilization drove massive vehicles in what is now Turkey some 14 million years ago.

It’s easy to be skeptical, but the ruts look too perfect to be made by nature. What else could have dug them? If it was an ancient civilization, what happened to it? What might be buried beneath the tracks in Turkey? Tanks and trucks with dents from dinosaurs?

Paul Seaburn

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