Aug 04, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Chupacabra Blamed for Mysterious Chicken Deaths in Russia

When one chicken dies, blame a cook. When a few chickens die, blame a dog. When scores are found dead with no visible sins of bloodshed, blame a chupacabra. That's the belief in a number of Russian villages that for weeks have been finding hundreds of dead poultry and some mysterious footprints but no blood. Has a chupacabra developed a taste for chicken Kiev?

The mysterious killings began in July 23rd in the village of Davydovka, which is about 300 miles from Moscow. One family found 95 mutilated chickens. Two other families lost a combined 100 birds the following day and another lost an unspecified number of chickens and 60 geese a few days later.

According to reports, all of the farm families said the chickens had bite marks but no or very little blood on the wounds or the ground. No one reported hearing any sounds of startled chickens or a struggle.

What killed the chickens of Davydovka? The usual suspects are dogs or a wolf. However, the only set of tracks were large enough to be from a 40 kg (88 pound) creature – much bigger than any of the dogs in the area.

footprints 570x348
Footprints found that local residents said were too big to match any of their dogs

One resident saw something in her garden that she described as a …

 … strange-looking dog [with a] thin body, short and shining dark-brown hair, longish muzzle and large flaps. Never ever in my life I have seen a dog of this kind.

Another resident who saw the creature said it had big nipples and speculated it may have just delivered a litter.

This is not the first time a mysterious creature has caused massive deaths at hen houses in this area. Similar killings were reported in April 2015 and in 2013. No animal was seen or captured in either instance.

Local authorities blamed the chicken deaths on dogs who strangle birds, but the locals say they’ve seen dogs attack chickens and there’s always a lot of blood, feathers and chicken parts strewn about.

Does Russia have a chupacabra? In 2011 in the Chelyabinsk region 60 miles from Moscow, a chupacabra was blamed for the deaths of over 30 sheep reported;y found with the blood drained from their bodies. In 2006, deaths of turkeys and sheep – again with blood reportedly drained – were blamed on a chupacabra and there have been reports of similar livestock massacres in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

Officials continue to say there are no “fairy tale creatures” in the area but have not caught the killers. Farmers continue to guard their hen houses round the clock, waiting to catch the beast.


chupacabra 570x428
Is something like this stuffed Texas chupacabra terrorizing chickens in Russia?

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