Aug 27, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Close Encounter With the Mysterious Cammo Dudes of Area 51

Most people are familiar with the mysterious Men in Black who are believed to guard the secrets of UFOs and alien encounters. Visitors to Area 51 in Nevada occasionally see an equally mysterious group of guards known as the Cammo Dudes for their uniforms but not their friendliness. A recent encounter on the Area 51 border shows what can happen when they show up.

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Glenn Campbell at the Area 51 border

Glenn Campbell is a well-known Area 51 expert, former “unofficial public relations officer” for the base and the author of, in addition to many other books both fiction and non-fiction, the Area 51 Viewer’s Guide. While he has moved on to other fields in recent years, Campbell decided to pay his old stomping grounds a visit recently and ended up engaging with the infamous Cammo Dudes. Who are they?

While it’s a U.S. military base, border security for Area 51 is provided by EG&G (now a part of URS Corporation), a defense contractor which also operated the mysterious Janet Terminal and its planes at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas which secretly traveled to and from Area 51.

The security guards are nicknamed the Cammo Dudes for their uniforms and use road sensors, long-range viewing devices, night vision gear and other secret equipment to guard the base from ground intruders. They have the authority to stop, detain, jail, fine and possibly shoot anyone stepping over the border. The Cammo Dudes have no legal authority off the base and are under orders to avoid contact with civilians and hide their identities from those watching from a legal distance.

That’s where Glenn Campbell was – on public land south of Rachel, Nevada, and north of the Nellis Range line. In his video, Campbell taunts the Cammo Dudes trying to hide from him until they decided to reveal themselves and demand his camera. Campbell ran and appeared to be in safe territory as they backed off and left him alone.

At this point, the best thing to say is, “Kids, don’t try this at home and definitely not when your family is on vacation in Nevada.” The Cammo Dudes are real armed Area 51 security contractors while Glenn Campbell is one brave and notoriously odd dude.

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