Aug 17, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Diamond UFO Over Volcano, Arrow Over Glasgow, Truck Over NY

If you have friends who still refer to all UFOs as “flying saucers,” this weekend brought news of three different sightings with three different shapes – a diamond, an arrow and a semi-truck - that you can show them as proof that UFOs come in all shapes and sizes. Are we in the midst of an alien spacecraft show where they bring out all of the new models?

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Diamond-shaped UFO over Colima Volcano

The diamond UFO was spotted over the Colima Volcano in Mexico, a place that UFOs frequently visit, like the cigar seen in July and the horse in January. The huge diamond-shaped UFO spotted in a picture was taken by one of those webcams that are always pointed at the volcano to record eruptions and unexpected alien visitors. Shot on July 15, there’s no other information on this UFO so it’s open for speculation as to its actual size and whether it was coming or going.

Arrows are a shape not often seen in UFOs. This orange object was photographed over Glasgow, Scotland, by Stuart Noble while he was getting ready to take pictures of some identified flying objects – the Perseid meteor shower in mid-August.

arrow 570x369
An arrow-shaped UFO spotted over Glasgow, Scotland

The “arrow” description was given by the witness, but this UFO also resembles a jellyfish like the green one seen over the Netherlands in May. Noble did not say if there were any other witnesses and no other reports of this arrow UFO have been found so far.

If flying arrow UFOs are rare, flying trucks – outside of monster truck rallies – are almost non-existent. Yet that’s the description a witness gave to MUFON investigators of a UFO he saw on August 4, 2015, over Ronkonkoma, a tiny town on Long Island, New York.

The unidentified witness estimated the UFO was 500 feet away, under 500 feet in altitude and “the size of an 18-wheeler.” Ronkonkoma is near the Long Island MacArthur (Islip) Airport but the witness was certain this silent UFO was no conventional aircraft.

It was like whoever was flying it suddenly realized it was approaching an airport and it stopped. Its lights went out. Then it went backwards (reverse) and flew in the same direction from where it came … It had lights that were pulsating. But the light was inside the craft – all different colors.

Other witnesses reportedly saw the semi-sized UFO continue to alternately move, hover, descend and ascend before it eventually disappeared.

Moral of these stories: If it looks like a duck and flies like a duck, get a video anyway because it could be a UFO.

Paul Seaburn

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