Aug 19, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Flying Humanoid Over Los Angeles Seen by Multiple Witnesses

Spend any time in Los Angeles and you’re bound to see some strange creatures walking around – and that’s not even including Hollywood during zombie movie shoots. But if you really want to see something unusual in Los Angeles – look up. That’s what a number of people did on August 9, 2015, and what they saw was what appeared to be a flying humanoid. Fortunately, three different people recorded the event from different angles. What exactly did they see?

The flying humanoid was spotted over Sequoia Park east of Los Angeles. According to the note uploaded with the video, it was seen by dozens of witnesses and recorded by three different video devices. The humanoid appears to be in a space suit and there are slits in the visor that some witnesses claimed allowed them to see a face inside.

3 humanoids 570x335
Flying humanoid recorded by three different people

So what exactly did they see? The humanoid appears to be too solid to be a 3-D projection or hologram. While it looks to be floating, it doesn’t seem to be flying or moving around much at all. There are some changes of position that could indicate shape-shifting. This being Los Angeles, anything shaped like a Stormtrooper could be a Star Wars promotion, but there’s no indication that’s the case.

Put a floating humanoid over California and talk naturally turns to Project Blue Beam, the infamous conspiracy theory that NASA is creating a New Age religion headed by the Antichrist to start a New World Order. A more likely scenario might be a next-generation electronically-projected campaign billboard for Donald Trump.

trump float

Before you dismiss it as a Michelin Man balloon, don’t forget about the Michelin Man aliens seen on Reunion Island where the MH370 wreckage was found.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’d like more information on this sighting, the person who uploaded the video says at the end that he’s hosting a “UFO sighting event” on August 22nd at Hollydale Park in nearby South Gate.

If you can’t make it, you’re welcome to speculate here on what it may or may not be.

Paul Seaburn

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