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Joan Rivers’ Haunted Penthouse Gutted by New Owner

Joan Rivers terrorized a number of big celebrities when she was alive and performing comedy – Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow to name just a few. But after her tragic death in 2014, could she be terrorizing again from beyond the grave? That’s one possibility as to why the buyer of her Upper East Side previously-haunted apartment in New York City is gutting the entire place. Is the original ghost upset about the remodeling or has Joan’s spirit showed up to pick on him about his weight?

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Did Joan's renovations stir up a ghost?

Joan moved into the penthouse triplex in 1984. When she started her own renovations, she encountered a ghost named Mrs. Spencer who claimed to be the niece of J.P. Morgan (she didn’t say if it was Jr. or Sr.) and was the apartment’s original resident. It’s hard to believe the ghostly relative of one of the richest men in history would object to Joan Rivers gilding the walls but neighbors warned her that Mrs. Spencer’s ghost once tore off the heads of every cherub on a chandelier.

Sure enough, soon after the renovations started, the apartment’s heat went cold and electrical appliances malfunctioned. Her dog was constantly fussing and workers felt eerie while renovating an old ballroom, prompting the building doorman to tell Rivers, “I guess Mrs. Spencer is back.”

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The new owner better watch for those chandeliers

Did she ever leave? Joan tried to get rid of her by calling in a so-called "voodoo priestess" who said Mrs. Spencer thought she was still the grand dame of the building and didn’t like the remodeling. Joan’s apartment was exorcised and the voodoo priestess offered her services to other residents. Rivers said, "Not one neighbor refused. Everybody had a story."

Which brings us to the next chapter. After Joan’s death, the apartment was put up for sale and was recently purchased for $28 million by Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Fahd, who immediately brought in workers to gut the penthouse. Why?

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Does Prince Muhammad bin Fahd have Joan's spirit stirred up?

It could be the prince heard about Mrs. Spencer and wants her out for good. It could be he wants to show her how they treat “grand dames” in his country. That might be a mistake now that Joan and Mrs. Spencer can work together. Perhaps Joan has already made her presence felt and he’s trying to get rid of her too.

Good luck with that. Elizabeth Taylor never could. Is a Saudi prince better at dealing with Joan than Cleopatra?

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I knew Prince ... Prince was a friend of mine ... you're no Prince!

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