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Mysterious Glowing Pike Caught in Canadian Lake

It’s always questionable to believe any stories told by fishermen, especially when they don’t bring back the actual fish they’re bragging about. At least a couple of Canadian anglers took some pictures of the world’s first – and so far only – glow-in-the-dark pike.

Randy Straker and Craig Thomas were fishing on August 23rd in the North Arm of Great Slave Lake, the second-largest lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories, the deepest lake in North America at 614 meters (2014 ft) and a lake both had fished many times before. On this day they were looking for pike (Esox lucius), also called a jackfish or northern pike. What Straker caught was a pike like no other pike or fish they’d ever seen.

The whole top of the fish had a different green. If you look at the mouth, it looked like green lipstick. It was so bright … And you could see right down its throat, and it was very fluorescent green.

green fish1 570x470
The pike had glowing green lips

That’s right, two fishermen claim they caught a 40-inch, 14-pound pike that glowed a bright neon green. Fortunately, they brought along a camera and took some pictures.

green fish 570x748
A comparison between a normal pike and the glowing fish

Believe it or not, after photographing the unusual jackfish, they released it back into the lake! Why? They had already caught 30 fish each and decided to leave some for other anglers, including the glowing pike, which was like none of the thousands of other pikes they’ve seen.

We've seen kind of the albino look, where you might get a 50/50 split, where half the fish is lacking pigment, or we've seen some irregular spots, but this fish was totally, head to tail, like nothing we'd ever seen.

What gave Randy’s fish its fluorescent glow? Since they don’t have the body (habeas fishus?), biologists were unable to help. It could have been contaminated from the nearby abandoned Pine Point Mine, which closed in 1988 after years of producing lead and zinc ores. It could have been something the fish ate. Even worse, it could be something the fish’s mother mated with – like the genetically modified fluorescent GloFish sold at pet stores.

Whatever it is, Strake, Thomas and hundreds of other anglers are already back on the lake trolling for the glowing pike.

glofish electric green 570x380
Dad. is that you ... eh?

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