Aug 24, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

New Bigfoot Video at Old Site and Yeti Hunt Ended by Taliban

Just as a new video emerges of what looks like Bigfoot at a famous former site, the Taliban stops an exhibition to search for Yeti in northern Pakistan. Will the new video end doubts about its famous predecessor taken at the same location? Have the terrorists already found the Yeti? Are they trying to become the first with definitive proof of a Yeti or Bigfoot? Do they have more sinister motives?

If you haven’t guessed by now, the video was taken at Bluff Creek, California, site of the famous Patterson–Gimlin film taken in 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. That film's authenticity has been debated ever since and has turned Bluff Creek into a magnet for Bigfoot investigators, including Bigfoot researcher M.K. Davis, who shot the video of Bigfoot that he has just released in 2008. He doesn’t say why he waited so long other than to confirm that the original video was dark and that enlargement, brightening and steadying makes the Bigfoot easier to see. It appears to be holding a rag from one of Davis’ friends, who he says were not the Bigfoot.

patterson film 570x370
An image from the Patterson-Gimlin film

Meanwhile, a Yeti search in the mountains of northern Pakistan led by Reinhold Messner, the first human to climb Mount Everest without oxygen and leader of a previous Yeti quest in Tibet, had to be canceled when details of the secret expedition were leaked and the Taliban, which controls the area, threatened to stop it. Messner was hoping to find genetic evidence proving his belief that the Yeti is actually a hybrid polar bear-Himalayan brown bear or a rare subspecies called a Tibetan blue bear.

Reinhold Messner 570x356
Reinhold Messner has proven he can traverse the most challenging terrain to find Yeti ... if only the Taliban will let him

If the Taliban has already found a Yeti, would they destroy it like they and other terrorists have destroyed antiquities of the Middle East? Would they torture it? Turn it into a suicide bomber? Will Messner ever get another chance to look for Yeti and prove or disprove his theory?

What about the newly-released old Bigfoot video from Bluff Creek? Is it better or worse than the Patterson–Gimlin film? Will M.K. Davis find any more now that he knows how to enhance them?

Paul Seaburn

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