Aug 08, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

The Latest Humanoid Seen on Mars May Be a Female

After watching the Republican political debate this week, it’s nice to see that other places in the solar system may not be as male-dominated as that group. A new photograph taken by the Mars Curiosity rover shows what appears to be a female humanoid staring back at the camera. While there have been other humanoid shapes spotted on the Red Planet, this may be the first female. Does this disprove the book that claimed women are from Venus?

Magnified Woman on Mars 570x379
Is she wearing a low-cut dress?

The female-like figure with flowing hair and wearing a dress appears to be standing on a rock embedded in the wall of a crater the rover is exploring. Magnification reveals what some see as breasts or at least cleavage. Behind the figure is a large shape that could be a structure. It may be where the figure keeps her own rover, as there seem to be tracks leading from the large structure to a large rock.

tracks 570x379
Look for the structure behind the female and the tracks to the left of it

One estimate puts the height of the female figure at 10 cm (4 inches). That would make her a pretty small humanoid, alien or humanoid statue.

There have been many humanoid and alien figures seen on the Martian surface by various rovers and orbiters.

This image dates back to the Opportunity rover and shows what looks like the back of a man and his shadow.

human and shadow 570x221
What looks like a man and his shadow on Mars

This figure, seen coming from behind some rocks and walking purposefully across the Martian terrain, has a Bigfoot-like look.

opportunity 570x428
A Bigfoot-like figure striding across Mars

This figure, also emerging from behind a rock, is decidedly less humanoid than the others, sporting what could be long ears or horns or antennas.

opportunity alien 570x259
Are those ears, horns or antennas?

The closest thing to another female figure on Mars might be this Curiosity find of either a nun-like woman or a mummy’s sarcophagus.

mummy 570x240
Is this a female covered head-to-toe or a mummy's sarcophagus?

Will the shouts of “Pareidolia!” begin to fade as more of these humanoid figures and statues appear on Mars? Don't forget the crab-like creature from earlier this week. The number keeps going up while the rationalizations keep going down.

If there’s a woman on Mars, is there a man on Venus? Lucky guy.

Paul Seaburn

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