Aug 21, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Three UFOs Visit Space Station in August (So Far)

If you’re playing the popular Count the UFOs at the International Space Station drinking game, it’s time for three shots or beers or whatever your poisons because the ISS has just received its third visit from a UFO in the month of August … and we still have over a week left. Are aliens purposely trying to get us drunk?

The first encounter this month was the pink orb seen on the ISS live feed on August 3rd. It was spotted while NASA was moving the High Definition Earth Viewing camera into a new position. The camera seems to stop for a view of the orb but its gears may just need some space grease. For a change, the video didn’t cut out for unexplained reasons. The UFO didn’t appear to be moving so there’s some speculation it was observing the ISS.

This next sighting occurred on August 7th. The multiple lights move together as if they’re on one object. The uploader describes it as a “giant UFO” but it’s pretty difficult to tell its size or distance from the space station from this video. With that kind of quality, it’s no wonder NASA didn’t bother cutting out on this one. Still, it’s interesting.

The latest sighting occurred on August 19th and shows a UFO that appears to be approaching the ISS. The object looks like it has an arm or possibly a large tail or rudder. It didn’t get close enough for a better look and seemed to pass by without pausing. Whatever it was, it wasn’t the type of object that caused NASA to evacuate the astronauts to the escape capsule and move the ISS out of the way. There was some speculation it was a Japanese cargo spacecraft, but that wasn’t due to arrive for another five days.

Three UFOs hanging around the International Space Station in August. Keep your beers and shot glasses handy because there’s sure to be more.

Paul Seaburn

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