Do cows let each other know about alien cattle mutilations and abductions? It sure looks that way in a new video from Chile showing a UFO checking out a farm when a cow suddenly rushes by heading for the barn. Can animals sense UFOs like they sense earthquakes?

The video is reported to have come from a surveillance camera on a building in Limache in the Marga Marga Province, Valparaíso Region in the middle of Chile. It was taken on August 4th in the afternoon. The camera does not appear to be fixed, since it seems to follow the path of the UFO over varying geography. It (the camera) either has the ability to track unusual objects or was under control of a human. Someone later added captions to the video noting the running cow and the birds observing the UFO. At 13 minutes, it’s unusually long for a UFO video.

Chile is well known for UFO sightings, especially around its active volcanoes like the fleet of UFOs seen at the erupting Calbuco Volcano in April 2015. UFOs have also been spotted frequently over Chile’s numerous copper mines, perhaps looking for fuel or metal for repairs.

ufo mountain 570x374
Limache UFO hovering

This UFO in Limache did not appear to be looking at a volcano or peering into a mine. Instead, it seemed to be checking out the farm or ranch, stopping and hovering as if to observe or search for something. Genetic material perhaps? One of the theories about cattle and other livestock mutilations is that only aliens could make such speedy and sophisticated dissections of animals out in the middle of a field, often in the dark, and leave little or no blood on the ground and sometimes none in the animal either.

The cow in the video seems to have seen the UFO and ran for the barn. Was it just spooked by noise or did it sense danger from the UFO? Were any other animals missing or acting strangely? It would be helpful to check the grounds of the farm for radiation or electromagnetic fields since the UFO seemed to be so low.

If only Google Translate could understand bovine.

Alien Cows 570x305
We didn't see anything

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