Aug 19, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Chases Down and Abuses Elderly Man on Bicycle

It turns out Donald Trump isn’t the biggest bully in the universe, let alone on planet Earth. That distinction belongs to a UFO that chased down an elderly man riding his bicycle in Mexico and physically abused him in an abduction attempt before leaving him battered, bruised and babbling on the side of a road. Can’t UFOs pick on someone their own size, like NASA? Why would aliens act like Donald Trump? Is he somehow connected to this?

Sixty-eight-year-old Francisco Acosta Tostado was minding his own business riding his bike at night on a state highway in Paso de Ovejas, Veracruz, Mexico, when he says a UFO came at him from above and behind. Tostado claims the UFO forced him to crash into bushes along the side of the road. He abandoned his bike and tried to run away but the UFO knocked him down. He believes the occupants of the UFO were attempting to abduct him, as he later told police officers.

Aliens in the craft tried to kidnap me.

Tostado was found lying on the road by a mechanic who called the police and emergency services. The 68-year-old had a bleeding wound on his head and more blood on his clothing. The report stated that the poor man acted “out of his mind” and may be permanently affected by this UFO experience.

I’m now afraid to go outdoors in case it comes back.

Police at the scene say they found no evidence of a UFO. So what happened to Francisco Tostado? Was he chased down like an animal by an alien spacecraft, possibly for fun or sport? Was he actually abducted but has no memory of it?

trumpufo 570x336
Donald Trump's helicopter being followed by a UFO

Why would aliens act like such bullies? Are they getting advice from Donald Trump? He’s made no bones about his dislike (probably not a strong enough word) for Mexico and Mexicans. The photograph above shows The Donald’s helicopter taking off after a campaign stop at the Iowa State Fair on August 15th. There appears to be a UFO flying behind it.

Is Donald Trump in communication with aliens? Is The Donald an alien?

trump 570x441
Is that thing on his head some kind of antenna?

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