Aug 31, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Follows Boy Home and He Has Video to Prove It

We’ve seen UFOs over volcanoes and speculated that aliens may be protecting us from disasters. We’d seen UFOs over nuclear plants and speculated that aliens may be protecting us from ourselves. A 9-year-old boy in Georgia took a video of a UFO that he said had been following him for weeks but no one would believe him. Was the UFO protecting the boy ... or stalking him?

No names or exact locations have been released so far, but what we do know is that the boy lives in a suburb of Atlanta. He told his parents that the UFO had been following him constantly for weeks but, since they never saw it themselves, they didn’t believe him. Which makes one wonder: who lets their 9-year-old roam the neighborhood alone for weeks?

Fortunately, he’s a typical young man who has a cell phone and the technical savvy to take videos, so he recorded the UFO and showed it to his parents. Being typical American parents, they immediately panicked and shot the UFO out of the sky.

Not really, but that’s what you were thinking, weren’t you? Actually, it’s not clear what they did next. A UFO research site somehow acquired the video and posted it, but there are no police reports or any signs of an investigation. There’s also no follow-up on whether the boy has seen the UFO since taking the video nor whether the parents have seen it. The only other witness is an adult neighbor who says he took a picture of the UFO from across the street.

UFO in circle 570x299
No one saw this following a little boy?

What did this 9-year-old boy witness and record? In these paranoid times, it’s easy to dismiss this sighting as a drone with a creepy operator. Or a UFO looking for potential abductees. Yet no one else saw it except for one neighbor. No one noticed a 9-year-old wandering the neighborhood for weeks looking up. Perhaps the UFO really was protecting him. It’s not unusual for children to see UFOs. A boy in India witnessed and recorded a flying saucer in June. That lucky kid was able to share the experience with his father who was watching with him.

If you don’t have helicopter parents, maybe having UFO parents is the next best thing.

Paul Seaburn

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