Aug 29, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs Are Flying Low But Actual Heights May Vary

How low is low for a UFO? You could say anything above being parked on your lawn is low, but these recent witnesses have described the UFOs they’ve seen as being “low” yet their descriptions vary wildly in actual or estimated heights.

If “low” means the UFO’s size, shape and altitude are easy to discern, then this one recorded in Jakarata, Indonesia, on July 17, 2015, by a man with a cell phone meets the criteria. He estimated it to be between 300 and 500 meters high, making it low enough that he could see it was five meters in diameter, spherical in shape, metallic, reflective and occasionally shifting shapes. It was close enough that he was convinced the object was not a weather balloon.

hiding in cloud1 570x428
A UFO hiding in a cloud over Bolton, England

If “low” means able to hide in a cloud, then two UFOs spotted on August 12th above Bolton, England, qualify. Kevin Hurst says he saw them around 5:10 pm but only got pictures of one of them.

Both went into a cloud, one never came out but I got pictures of the one that did.

He said the objects flew independently and were “glistening” and reflective like foil, but he saw joints on the one he took pictures of. That kind of detail would also indicate the UFO was “low.”

Norway 570x300
UFOs below the clouds and above the trees in Åfjord, Norway

If “low” means below the clouds and above the treetops, then these UFOs seen by a couple in Åfjord, Norway, on August 25th are definitely low. The witness says she was taking photographs of clouds with her camera and spotted “several big UFOs” when she downloaded the pictures to her computer. In this case, they were low but not low enough to be obvious while she was taking the pictures.

Many people use “low” to describe something close to the horizon. That’s why many eyewitness reports to MUFON sound like this one from a sighting in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, on August 22nd (no photographs).

The object came from the east heading west. It was pretty crazy. It made no sound and was fairly low in the sky. It was bright orange and could have been round.

When would you say that a UFO is low? Do we need some kind of standard?

Paul Seaburn

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