Aug 11, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Werewolf Photograph Has Brazilian City on Alert

A photograph making the rounds is purported to be a werewolf caught by a security camera in Ceilândia, a city in east central Brazil. The creature was allegedly seen by numerous witnesses and the picture was accompanied with a warning to be careful because it might be a werewolf. Is it?

Brazil is one of the South American countries known for believing that a human can become a “lobismem” or werewolf if he’s the 7th male child of the same father and mother. Some believe the change takes place when the boy turns 13. Variations have this happening on a Friday during Lent or on a Friday the 13th during a full moon and only for two hours from midnight to 2 a.m.

Since this is not Lent and there hasn’t been a Friday the 13th lately, the creature is probably not a 13-year-old going through one weird puberty. But that doesn’t mean Brazilians don’t believe it could still be werewolf. Earlier this year in April, another picture appeared on the Internet showing what some believed to the body of a werewolf, Sasquatch or dogman found in northeast Brazil.

dead werewolf copy 570x284
Werewolf, dogman or some other strange creature?

The body allegedly disappeared quickly before any analysis could be performed and no further news was reported, causing some to suspect a cover-up.

In February, 2014, this video was taken by a night security camera of an alleged werewolf in a yard in the northeastern city of São Gonçalo dos Campos.

The camera’s owner claimed it ran past him and he estimated the black hairy creature to be about five feet tall. There were no other witnesses and no additional sightings in São Gonçalo dos Campos, but a curfew was imposed there for a few days.

Two attacks by a wolfman or dogman were reported in Brazil in 2008 and 2009. A woman in São Sepé told police she was attacked on January 28, 2009, by a big dog that stood on its hind legs and walked like a man. In 2008, police in Tauá received numerous reports of a half-man, half-wolf that was stealing sheep and breaking into houses.

No definitive proof of a werewolf, dogman or other cryptid was found in any of these cases, including the most recent one in Ceilândia. That hasn’t stopped Brazilians and especially the residents of these towns from being on their guard, especially around 13-year-old boys.

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