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Yeti Poses for Portrait by Russian Artist

You hear it every day: “If you don’t have a photo or a video, it didn’t happen.” I’m guessing that, in the pre-film days, the objection was “If you didn’t get a painting or a drawing, it didn’t happen.” Well, a well-known artist in Russia didn’t have a camera or a cell phone when he met a Yeti, but he did have a pencil and some birch bark. He convinced the abominable snowman to sit and pose and brought back an excellent drawing of a very handsome Yeti. The creature even signed it! Is it real? Is this proof it happened?

Andrey Lyubchenko is a renowned artist and sculptor in Tashtagol, Russia. At 5 am on July 27, 2015, he was alone in a remote area near the Chernukha mountain gathering wood to sculpt when he encountered the Yeti. He describes it as …

… about two and a half meters tall, with thick dark brown hair like a bear's - but a lot softer … his eyes, they were just like light-colored human eyes.

On the other hand, Lyubchenko has the eyes of a sculptor as he determines that the creature is male …

… because shape of his body, his gestures, his behaviour were clearly male. His body was very toned, with lots of visible muscles …His face was expressive, too.

artist 570x380
Andrey Lyubchenko and his drawing of a Yeti

Lyubchenko asked the Yeti his name and he said “Ta-ban.” The artist described his voice as the sound of a tambourine. He found out later that Ta-ban can mean “the one who wasn't discovered” in the Shor language of Siberia. While they didn’t talk, he believes they communicated telepathically for about 40 minutes. It was during that time that he drew the picture of the Yeti on the bark of a birch tree. Lyubchenko says he showed it to him and the Yeti made his own mark next to it – a mark that the artist says is similar to a symbol of friendship.

Andrey Lyubchenko says he doesn’t use alcohol or drugs and feared his reputation would be tarnished with his revelation, but decided it was too important not to come forward with his portrait and details.

Did Aundrey draw a Yeti?

better 570x719
If the Yeti comes back, Andrey Lyubchenko has a better drawing for him to autopgraph

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