Sep 14, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Eerie Unexplained Trumpet Sound Mystifies Many in Jakarta

The mysterious loud noise that ear witnesses say sounds like a trumpet calling was heard and recorded by many people this week in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s a sound that has been heard around the world for decades yet continues to defy explanation.

Jakarta residents reported hearing the trumpet-like sounds seemingly coming from the sky from 6:00 to 7:00 pm on September 11. Numerous recordings were posted, comments flooded social media and the sound was reported on local television and radio. Witnesses agreed that the sound oscillated in both intensity and loudness until finally stopping. As of this writing, no explanation has been given for the mysterious Jakarta sound.

However, theories abound from around the world as similar sounds have been heard for years in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Colombia and other places. The Belarus incident occurred in 2008 appears to be the first on actually recorded. A woman in British Columbia claims to have heard it multiple times in 2013 and 2015.

The panic caused by hearing a loud trumpet sound sends many to search for religious explanations like a forewarning of the Apocalypse. We’re still here so we turn to possible scientific causes. Tectonic plates rubbing together can create loud noises. Atmospheric conditions can cause variations on thunder. Tidal waves can cause shock waves and sounds. Then there’s just plain old loud noises from trains, planes, factories and explosions. None of these satisfy those who’ve heard it.

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The mysterious sounds are known to stop people dead in their tracks to listen

NASA likes to talk about the natural radio signals and noises made by the Earth that humans could hear if we had secret receivers implanted in our brains (Jakartans … check your scalps!). And HAARP gets blamed for sounds that might seem weather-related when there’s no weather to relate them to.

Could this be Jakarta’s version of The Hum? Not likely since it was clearly picked up by recording equipment and was at a frequency heard by many people, not the low-frequency of The Hum that is only heard by a few.

Running out of possible explanations, there’s always aliens – a low-flying UFO was spotted over Jakarta in July.

So what did the people of Jakarta hear on September 11, 2015? Who knows. Keep listening for further updates.

Paul Seaburn

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