Sep 15, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Huge Flying Saucer-Shaped Stone Found in Russia

An expedition by a renowned UFO research group in Russia has recovered a massive stone in the shape of a flying saucer from an area known for odd lightning, unexplained animal deaths, geological anomalies and mysterious underground tunnels. Is this stone disc related to any or all of these phenomena?

The 4-meter (13-foot) wide disc was recovered intact by a team from Kosmopoisk, also known as Spacesearch, a ufology and paranormal research group founded in 1980 by Russian science-fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev, aerospace engineer Vadim Chernobrov and cosmonaut Georgy Beregovoy. The disc was excavated on September 9th in the Medveditskaya ridge area of the Zhirnovsky district in the Volgograd region. It was transported to the Zhirnovsky museum where researchers estimated its age to be about one million years and part of its chemical composition to be tungsten.

removing stone 570x470
Removing the saucer-shaped stone from the mysterious Medveditskaya ridge

The discovery of the stone disc is significant because of the location where it was found. The Medveditskaya ridge is a chain of low (250 meter – 820 foot) hills where a large number of ball lightning occurrences and UFO sightings have been reported. Parts of the area is radioactive and local springs are both fresh and poisonous, which may account for some, but not all, of the unusual animal deaths in the area.

Medveditskaya ridge 570x334
The Medveditskaya ridge

However, it’s what underfoot that draws researchers there. Mysterious tunnels run throughout the ridge, ranging from 23 to 65 feet (7 to 20 meters) wide and up to 65 feet underground. Some of the tunnels were destroyed during World War II but more continue to be found. Local legends tell of a race of snake people living in the tunnels and of underground UFO bases.

UFO stone on edge 585x306 570x379
Smaller saucer-shaped stone found in Siberia in February 2015

Is this saucer-shaped stone a UFO or a representation of one? It’s the second such object found in Russia this year. While some may dismiss it as a concretion (a round or spherical stone formed by compression or erosion), its location in the mysterious Medveditskaya ridge area suggests otherwise.

The team from Kosmopoisk believes more stone saucers may be found and has resumed excavation work. What will they uncover next?

Paul Seaburn

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