Is there a demented steel-jawed chupacabra with a taste for oil tearing apart automobiles at a car lot in Oklahoma? Before you scoff, local police are concerned enough that they’ve set traps to capture this motor vehicle monster that leaves behind piles of mangled parts and car bodies covered with bite marks, hair and blood.

damage 570x321
Car torn apart by mysterious animal in Oklahoma

Fred Griffin, the general sales manager at Green Country Ford in Vinita, Oklahoma, called the local police a week ago to report strange damage to nine cars in his lot. While vandalism is a common occurrence in car lots, Griffin had never seen anything quite like this.

There are paw prints, fine, course hairs mixed in all the mangled parts and what look to be bite marks. That whole front clip was just ripped plumb off with teeth marks all over it and hair matted to it. It was just totally destroyed.

It sounds like a joke until Griffin points out that the damage done to his cars by this mysterious beast now totals in the tens of thousands of dollars. What’s worse, there have been at least four visits by the car eater and nothing was captured on surveillance cameras.

trap 570x428
Trap baited with raw chicken to catch the car-crushing creature

What might the police find in their large cages some morning? Griffin says everyone has their own ideas ranging from a chupacabra or Bigfoot to wild hogs, bears, wolves, mountain lions or a really big and nasty dog – probably one that had a bad experience with a car and a veterinarian visit.

Michael Bergin from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation admits being puzzled by the car damage.

I can’t even fathom what that would be, because there’s nothing about a vehicle that usually attracts an animal, especially biting a vehicle, tearing off a bumper, puncturing tires or anything like that. That’s not indicative of any form of wildlife species that I know of.

scratches 570x321
Scratches, hairs and bite marks left on a vehicle by the creature

Griffin thought about hiding in the lot overnight, but instead is sending samples of fur, blood and saliva to a forensic company for DNA analysis. In the meantime, he’s got a message for car buyers:

Anybody looking for a bargain? We got some Bigfoot Bargains!

car salesman 570x324
It was only driven on Sundays by a little old lady Bigfoot

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