Sep 29, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Possible Merman Removed From Polish Lake by Hazmat Team

If it looks like a fish and acts like a fish but talks like a man … could it be a merman? A video from Poland shows a hazmat team removing a human-sized creature with a fish tail and what appears to be a human upper torso that makes it look suspiciously like a merman. Has Poseidon sent his son Triton to avenge the desecration of his seas?

OK, it’s a hazy video with very little information. What we know is that it was uploaded on September 28th and is said to be a merman being removed from a Polish lake. It looks like a hazmat team carrying the body of the creature up a hill and turning it over to paramedics who strangely aren’t as protected. That’s where the video ends.

As expected, the skeptics are leading the believers on this one. Could it be a movie scene? A crime scene? Why aren’t the paramedics wearing more biohazard protective clothing? On the other hand, if it’s real, when and where did it take place? Was the merman still alive? Where was he taken? Is it Triton? Where’s his trident?

triton 570x493

Triton is the mythological Greek god, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, messenger of the sea and world’s most famous merman. He lived underwater (obviously) either off the coast of Greece, off the coast of Libya (according to the legend of the Argonauts) or in Lake Tritonis, the mythical lake that would have been in present-day Tunisia or Libya.

If it’s not Triton, could it still be a merman? Mermen get the short end of the stick (or fishing pole) when it comes to mythical creatures of the sea. Mermaids are always beautiful and topless, which is probably why seafaring males are more anxious to claim they saw one rather than a merman.

Outside of mythology, there are very few reports of merman sightings other than the famous encounter off the northern coast of Spain on May 9, 1868. Newspapers from the time report that a fishing boat hauled in a live merman and the crew paraded the creature through the town in a net on a pole. It eventually died three days later. Descriptions and drawings appeared to match what sounds like a merman.

merman grab 570x382
Carrying the alleged merman

Is the creature in the video a merman? If not, what is the video of? If it is, let’s hope he doesn’t suffer the same fate as the Spanish merman and is treated with dignity and respect.

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